Faye has been in the fashion industry as a stylist for leading brands and celebrities more than ten years. At a young age, the gratification she gained in wearing what was vogue always made her the “poser” in family photos. Yet, it was not until she received her education at Curtin University that she realized her urge to make her enthusiasm for fashion a life-long career. Upon graduation, her determination to equip herself as a professional stylist landed her in Central Saint Martins, where she spent a year interacting with intellectuals and elites in fashion.


Faye decided to reside in Hong Kong to actualize her dreams because of the immense exposure she would get in this land of opportunities. Intuitive to what she likes to put on despite occasionally how peculiar it may seem, Faye always has the edge to find the other side of the coin. Few years ago, she became aware of the massive gap for fashion on the social media, and initiated fayevorite.com to blog about any fashion or beauty trends she finds fascinating. Her sharp instinct in styling and her constructive critique online caught the eyes of the industry and she soon made frequent appearances in fashion events, brand press conferences and fashion magazines. Not only is she a fashion icon, blogger and stylist now, since 2013, she has been featured in MORE magazine as a weekly columnist.


Faye’s key to success is to enjoy life to the fullest, for instance she never ceases her travelling habit despite her tight schedule. From Chanel’s fineness exhibited in Paris Fashion week to Australian tribunal entities, her motto is to be constantly inspired. Juggling multiple tasks at a time is not easy, but Faye reminds herself to stay thankful and humble at all times. Happily married, she also added onto her resume a loving wife in 2010.